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Give us back our library!

Since November last year, the library’s opening hours have been restricted due to the energy crisis. This affects both locations – Campus I and Campus II. Students at Campus II have no opportunity to use the library at all on weekends. This affects all students who have to coordinate a suitable opportunity to visit the library in addition to their strenuous studies.

But the ones who suffer most are those students who have to work a part-time job to earn a living and often only have time in the evenings and on the weekend to catch up on their studies or to workon assignments such as homework and essays. After years of the Covid19 pandemic and the restrictions on students, financial pressure on students is rising.

As AStA of the University of Trier, we demand the fastest possible return to the opening hours as they existed before the energy crisis. The library is the central learning and working place at the university. We say: don’t save on our studies! The decision to restrict the library’s opening hours at the expense of students is political in nature.

The federal government and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate must finally guarantee sustainable university funding, which must not include any restrictions on student life.

Are you also dissatisfied with the opening hours? Get in touch with us! Together we can achieve a return to the original opening hours. Tag us on Instagram @astaunitrier with the hashtag #gebtunsunserebibzurück.