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Chair / Coordinating Member

The office of the Coordinating Member is responsible for chairing, representing, coordinating and administration of the General Students’ Committee (AStA).

  • Representation of the AStA and the student body vis-à-vis the University administration, politics and the general public
  • Management and coordination of the AStA
  • Preparation, management and follow-up of AStA meetings
  • Coordination of the freshmen work
  • Coordinating with the student parliament, student councils, AFaT and other parts of the student body
  • Staff related work
  • Public relations
  • Data protection


Coordinating Member / Spokesperson
Benedict Fey (pronouns: he/him)

Co-Lecturers / Alternate Speakers
Florian Teklik (pronouns: he/him)
Joana Hilgert (pronouns: she/her)
Christoph Stuckenberg (pronouns: he/him)


Studihaus, ST 102
Office phone: 0651 201 3570
Fax: 0651 201 3301


Koordinierendes Mitglied des AStA der Universität Trier
Benedict Fey
Universitätsring 12b
54296 Trier

*The speakers of the AStA perform their tasks on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available at all times. Inquiries will be answered as soon as possible according to the volunteer capacity.