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Autonomous Department of Foreign Students (RAST)

As an autonomous and politically independent department, we mainly work for the interests of all foreign students and students with a migration background.

Our wish is to create a student life free of discrimination and to promote the inclusion and equality of all students.

Would you like to join us? Or do you have questions about the current programme, event requests and ideas for the coming semester, or would you like to help plan a country evening and present your country? Then simply contact us by e-mail. You can always reach us there.


Do you need help, advice or support? We can help you with language, financial and legal problems (e.g. right of residence). We can also help you find a job, an internship or a place to live, or with general questions about university and studying. Write to us and we will arrange a suitable appointment with you as soon as possible.

  • Planning and implementation of the international week
  • Counselling and support with language, financial and legal problems, job and housing search, experiences of discrimination, university & studies, right of residence, internship search, etc.
  • Administration of a departmental library
  • Networking with the Federal Association of Foreign Students (BAS)
  • Networking with the International Centre
  • Intercultural exchange through lectures, workshops, film and country evenings
  • Cooperation with groups and institutions in the Trier area


Main speaker
Daniela Doofan Nyitse (she/her)

Bushran Ahmed
Naima Islam Nodi
Nana Esi Bray
Himaniben Viralkumar Bhavsar


Im Treff 17 (Office RAST / IZ)
E-Mail: astarast@uni-trier
Facebook: @astarast
Instagram: @rast_uni_trier 

Office address:
Referat ausländischer Studierender
AStA der Universität Trier
Im Treff 17
54296 Trier

Postal address:
Referat ausländischer Studierender
AStA der Universität Trier
Universitätsring 12b
54296 Trier

*The speakers of the AStA perform their tasks on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available at all times. Inquiries will be answered as soon as possible according to the volunteer capacity.


Here you can find the recipes of our country evenings..