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Department Libraries & Journals

Some of our departments offer their own free & extensive specialised libraries to all members of the University. The holdings can be viewed in the TRiCAT of the University Library via the signatures given below. Just use the search filter “Zweigstelle enhält [Signatur]” or follow the links below. If you would like to borrow a book, you can send an email to the respective department and arrange a pick-up date. Please also note the following information. The departments are constantly expanding their libraries. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a special request.

In addition, the following newspapers are available in the Studihaus (in front of the glass box) during café opening hours:

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
  • Das Parlament (inkl. der Beilage Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte – APuZ)
  • Jungle World
  • Titanic
  • iz3w (informationszentrum 3. welt)
  • Sozialismus
  • Antifaschistisches Infoblatt
  • Der Rechte Rand – Informationen von und für AntifaschistInnen
  • Lotta – antifaschistische Zeitung aus NRW, RLP und Hessen
  • inforex – Informationen gegen Rechtsextremismus
  • Theater heute
  • Gitarre und Bass


Specialist books, fiction, guidebooks, comics and DVDs on queer* topics.
Signature: 912 (AND Signatur contains D for all DVD’s)
Approx. 800 titles
Enquiries by email to
Browse and pick up books during office hours, at café times or by appointment at the office
(Studihaus room 112, gallery on the left)


Feminist novels and literature; magazines & zines, DVDs and videos.
Approx. 800 titles
Signature: 913
Request by email to
Pick up at the department (Studihaus room 111, gallery on the right)

If you are interested in books in which women* play the main role, if you are looking for literature for your term paper or thesis, or if you are interested in feminist literature, then the Women’s* Library is the right place for you. In addition to our book collection, we also offer magazines and zines. You are welcome to borrow them or just browse through them. Over the years, we have accumulated a large collection of DVDs and videos, including documentaries, comedies, romantic films, dramas and audiovisual works of all kinds. Of course, you are also welcome to borrow them.


Specialist literature on right-wing extremism, political theory, antisemitism and Islamism; periodicals
Signature: 914
Approx. 500 titles
Enquiries by e-mail to
The books are currently distributed via the terrace of the Studihaus.


Literature on sustainability
Signature: 915
Request by e-mail to
Pick up at the department (F74 on Campus 2)


Specialist literature on politics and society
Signature: 916
Approx. 150 titles
Request by e-mail to
Pick up at the department (Studihaus room 003 “Glaskasten”)

Department for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses (BUCK)

Specialized literature and novels on the subject of disability and chronic diseases
Signature: 918
Approx. 80 titles
Request by e-mail to
Pick up at the department (Room A6a)