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Moving van

All students of the University of Trier and the Trier University of Applied Sciences can rent our moving van here at favourable conditions for removals or other large transports.


Responsible for the rental is our studio manager Alexander Harder.

You can reach us by e-mail in any case and within the week these are also processed daily.

Reservations only possible by e-mail!

Office hours:
Monday – Friday: 1 pm – 2 pm
Phone: 0651 – 201 3573
Fax: 0651 – 201 3902
Office: Studihaus, Room ST08

Vehicle details

VW Crafter (Red)
Front-wheel drive / manual

The loading area has the following dimensions:
– Length: 3.450m
–Height: 1.726m
–Width: 1.832 m
– Compartment volume: 9.9 m³

– Navigation system
– Sound system
– Air conditioningCruise control / lane departure warning / reversing camera / optical all-round sensors / automatic start-stop system
– 4 tie down straps

The current moving van runs on diesel. Do not fill up with biodiesel or truck diesel!

RateTime PeriodFree kilometersPrice
Daily rateDay 1 – Day 2100 km50,00 €
Weekend rateFriday (Day 1) to Monday (Day 4)250 km120,00 €
2-day SpecialDay 1 – Day 3/ weekendUnlimited250,00€
If the free kilometers are exceeded, each additional kilometer costs 0.20€.
An additional deposit of 100€ is required upon pick-up.

Rental conditions


Reservation is possible by e-mail due to the restrictions. The contract is signed on the day of pick-up.

The pick up dates are based on the office hours of the Studihaus administration. However, the date agreed in the contract may deviate from this. The date agreed on in the contract is binding! Pick-up usually takes place between 12:30am and 2pm. The return has to take place between 11am – 12:30am.

A deposit of 100€ (in cash) must be paid upon pick-up. The car is handed over with a full tank of gas and must also be returned with a full tank as well. A receipt from the gas station must be presented upon return.


Is the van available?
To find out if the moving van is availablee, you need to speak to our student house manager (see above for contact details). Often the car is reserved well in advance (especially on weekends and at the beginning of the semester), so it is better to ask sooner rather than later.

Can the car be rented by the hour?
No, the rental period is always on a daily basis.

Can I rent the car for a day on Saturday/Sunday?
No, the weekend rental period is always from Friday to Monday.

Can I make an arrangement with the person renting the van for the weekend to use the car for one day if they do not need it for that long and then I return it?

Who can rent the removal van?
Students who are enrolled at the University, the University of Applied Sciences or the Theological Faculty in Trier.

Can I drive the moving van with my driving licence?
To drive the removal van, you need a Class B driving licence (formerly Class 3), which is the normal driver’s licence for cars. A lorry driver’s licence is not necessary. A copy of the driver’s licence of the customer and any other drivers must be presented when collecting the van.

What happens in case of damage and accidents?
The van has fully comprehensive insurance. If the moving van is damaged, all or part of the deposit will be retained, depending on the damage. If the damage is more extensive, an excess of 500 € will be charged. The deposit  is included in this fee.

Can I have the car with seats/are there still seats in it?
No, you cannot rent the new moving van with seats. Due to safety concerns, a 9-seater was not purchased. Upon request, the old 9-seater can be rented under certain circumstances.

I have tried to reach someone by phone, but no one is answering the phone?
The student house and moving van administration can be reached by phone during office hours (see above). If no one answers the phone, try again a short time later. Outside office hours, enquiries are best made via email.

The moving van is already fully booked, but I absolutely need a van on a certain date. What can I do?
Unfortunately, the Studierendenwerk only offers a moving van at the Birkenfeld location. You can find more information here: Studiwerk moving van