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Sozialfonds of the student body

The Sozialfonds are interest–free loans designed to support students who are in financial need. The information as to who is entitled to receive a social fund and under what conditions, can be found in the regulations of the student social fund of the student body of the University of Trier.

The maximum limit for the social loan is the current BAföG maximum rate and is only awarded as a one-off service. A new grant can only be granted after the first loan has been repaid in full. Currently the BAföG maximum rate is 934 euros (as of 28.09.2022).

The loans are interest-free and can be repaid in instalments or as a single payment. The amount of the instalment, as well as the start and end date of the loan repayment determined by the Sozialfondsvergabeausschuss after consultation with the applicant and the Social Department.

It is not the Social Department that decides on the final granting of a loan or the pay out as a grant, but the Sozialfondsvergabeausschuss of the Student Parliament. This committee consists of a total of 5 members (and their respective deputies), all of whom are bound to secrecy and must treat their proposals neutrally.

The committee is called to convene by the Social Department as soon as the application has been submitted in full to the Social Department. The Social Department presents the application at the meeting of the Sozialfondsvergabeausschuss, which then approves the application after having inspected all the documents, or rejects it.

Checklist for the application of a loan from the Sozialfonds
  • current matriculation certificate of the Universität Trier
  • copy of your ID (Front- and Backside)
  • copy of the ID of the guarantor (Front- and Backside, guarantor has to be a German citizen)
  • copy of all your bank statements of the last three months
  • complete application documents (see below)
Documents for the Sozialfonds in english:

If you have any questions regarding the application or the conditions of the Sozialfonds, do not hesitate to send us an Email at .