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Autonomous Queer* Department

Welcome on the website of the Queer* Department! The Queer* Department’s mission is to represent queer* students, to intervene in discriminatory processes and to support queer* culture.

As one of the oldest existing units, we act as your contact for everything to do with sexual and gender diversity and identity. Everyone is welcome! It doesn‘t matter if you‘re homo-, bi-, pan-, a-, omni- or othersexual, or if you identify as male, female, inter, trans*, non-binary or anything else, we offer an inclusive space for all queer* people. We may be part of the AStA (student representation), but as we are elected by our peer group of every student identifying as queer*, we are an autonomous unit.

We represent and work towards the circulation and promotion of queer* culture and the scientific discussion of sexual and gender identities. We also point out, and try to interfere in, discriminatory societal processes, and participate in the promotion of anti-discrimination initiatives. Additionally, we are continually working on establishing the queer* community of our university, and giving queer* students a safe space. For this we have created a WhatsApp group (for more see the point „Contact“).

For this purpose we plan events, lectures and workshops, as well as leisure activities and socialising events. We also have an extensive library on queer* topics, including textbooks, fiction, comics and DVDs, and we offer consultations to discuss any questions or problems you might have.

Current events

We promote current events on Instagram and Facebook, as well as in the event calendar of the University. You will also be kept up to date via our WhatsApp group where you will also receive reminders about events!

Every semester, we offer weekly queer* cafés and monthly champagne receptions so you can socialize with other queer* students of the university. Check our social media or the event calendar of the university for the current dates!

Department Meetings and Consulation Hours

Do you have problems or questions about the theme “queer*” that you would like to talk about in person? You can arrange a consultation with us by email, if desired also digitally. We are also happy to answer short questions by email! At the moment we offer advice in German and English.

You’re interested in working with us, you have some ideas you want to realise or just have some questions? Our weekly meetings are open to the public (the student body). As the the meeting dates change each semester, just send us a quick email if you wish to join!

  • Queer* Café
  • Maintenance of our library
  • HIV-/ AIDS-Prevention / Testing
  • CSD
  • „HoMosella“ – Queer* Culture Days
  • Organisation of lectures, workshops und readings
  • Organisation of our monthly champagne receptions
  • Consultation
  • Networking with Schmit-Z, AIDS-Hilfe, Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie
  • Exercise of the AStA-membership in the regional AIDS-Beirat and QueerNet Rheinland-Pfalz


Main Representative
Leah Brand (she/her; he/him)

Ronja Ilinzeer (she/her; they/them)
Robert Roth (he/him)
Josy Schmitt (they/them) 

Fabian Heyduck (he/him)


Studihaus Room 112 (gallery left side)
Office Phone: 0651 201 3575
Facebook: @queerreferat
Instagram: @queerreferattrier

WhatsApp group: Please contact us if you want to be added to the queer* WhatsApp group!

Consultations: On request

*The speakers of the AStA perform their tasks on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available at all times. Inquiries will be answered as soon as possible according to the volunteer capacity.