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Renting the Studihaus

All students of Trier University and Trier University of Applied Sciences can rent the Studihaus for events of any kind – from parties to theatre performances to rehearsals. Due to the current situation, the Studihaus can only be rented under certain conditions. Please contact the studihaus administrator for more information.


Our administrator Alexander Harder is responsible for renting the Studihaus.

Office hours:
Monday – Friday: 13 pm – 14 pm
Phone: 0651 – 201 3573
Fax: 0651 – 201 3902
Office: Studihaus, Room ST08


Rent includes…
– 5 tables
– 30 chairs
– an extensively equipped music system with lighting equipment
– refrigerators and kitchen
– barbecue area
Also available on request
– seminar tables
– Microphones and the corresponding extension cables

The AStA offers all tenants the opportunity to use up to 300 AStA cups (0.33l, PP). These are available at no extra charge, but a deposit of 1 euro is taken for each lost cup. Simply indicate the desired quantity when making your reservation.

We also offer shot glasses made of glass(0.4cl). With the shot glasses we proceed in the same way as with the cups. Plastic waste should be reduced with it.

Other things, such as beamers or cables, can be rented for a deposit.


The rental price is 300,00 €. This includes everything in the house and the final cleaning (valid for private events).

For events organised by student councils, the rental price is 150.00 € (without final cleaning). Final cleaning can be booked as an option and costs €150.00. For certain events (large freshers’ parties, themed parties,…) the Studihaus administration may insist on final cleaning by the AStA. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Studihaus administrator may also insist on final cleaning by the AStA. This will be decided individually.

In addition, a deposit of 300,00 € is required.

Only students of the University of Trier, the University of Applied Sciences Trier and the Faculty of Theology Trier are explicitly entitled to rent. For employees of the University of Trier, a decision will be made depending on the situation. The AStA finances the student house with student funds and can therefore keep the rent low. The rent only contributes to covering the costs.


Terms and conditions for rental reimbursement:
The event
– was not commercially oriented,
– was a public event for students,
– was organised by an FSR, a university group, a student club or a student sports group, and
– has incurred losses.

Procedure for reimbursement of rental costs
a) Write an informal, written application for a refund of rental costs.
b) Make a list of all costs and income and attach it to the application.
c) Send your application to .
d) Come to the next AStA meeting (usually every other Wednesday at 4:15pm) and present your application.