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Participation in AStA

You want to get involved with AStA? There are several ways to join AStA:

Enquire at the units

The easiest way is to offer your support to an AStA unit.
Each unit is headed by a principal lecturer elected by the StuPa. On the proposal of the main lecturers, the AStA may also elect co-lectors and freelancers to support the main lecturers. Maybe the unit you’re interested in needs some support? Just write an e-mail or contact the speakers at an event.
Often, however, a permanent team is found already at the beginning of a term of office. It doesn’t always make sense to bring in more people.

About the university policy groups

The main speakers of the non-autonomous departments are elected by the StuPa. Usually by the lists that make up the AStA coalition. In the course of the coalition negotiations and the AStA elections shortly after the StuPa elections in December, the teams of the departments are also being formed, thus clarifying the personalities of many co-lecturers. So if you want to participate as a principal or co-referent in the AStA, it makes sense to get involved in a political list or to introduce yourself to the lists before the elections and to express your interest. So don’t miss the election and meeting dates (usually December / January) or get involved in the political university group of your choice beforehand. Appointments are available via social media, the university calendar and above all the websites of StuPa and AStA.

About the autonomous units

The speakers of the autonomous units are elected at the general meetings of the respective status groups. Just come by the VV (approx. 1x per semester). You can usually find the dates on social media and the university calendar. Some autonomous units require you to be part of the status group to be elected. But not at all. Here too, it is advisable to contact the unit members beforehand or get to know them at events. The autonomous units also often have open unit meetings.

Simply apply

Each student is free to run for office at a StuPa or AStA meeting. But of course, it makes sense to have spoken in time to the people who are supposed to vote for you.